Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lake Tahoe Vacation 2008 - An Escape from Reality

Where to begin? Our vacation was quite simply perfect. We left at 4am on Sunday morning and arrived in Tahoe at 11am. Our room was awesome....it was a 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom condo with a full kitchen, family room and dining area. The balcony was huge, and had a lovely view of the tree filled hillside and the Carson Valley.

We hiked one day, and the next day the three of us went to Virginia City. We had a blast! Both the hike and the adventurous drive to Virginia City had us laughing together. On Tuesday night the Hekman's arrived and when the boys woke up Wednesday morning, they were excited to find that they had playmates to explore the condo with!

The rest of the week we visited the lake a couple of times, did a bit of shopping, and just hung out. Jess and I got to go to the Spa for a day and were pampered...it was such a treat! Both couples got to go on dates too, while the other couple watched the kiddos. Danny and I went to a great restaurant that overlooked the lake. We got to watch the sunset...so romantic!

It snowed on Friday and Saturday, and Christian was thrilled to no end to get to play in snow for the first time. He started eating it right away....he is definately my son! He was none too happy when I brought him into the house though!

All in all we had a fantastic vacation and I could have stayed much longer than I did. Thanks Hekmans for coming up to hang with us! We love you guys!

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