Wednesday, October 15, 2008


On our trip to Tahoe, Christian's personality continued to come out more and more. He is a ham, and loves to show off. In the car on the way home Christian was understandably getting tired of his carseat (the drive home took 9 hours), so I made up a "Dadda Song". I sang it twice, and then Christian copied the tones and sang too. Danny and I were beaming!

Though Christian clapped for the first time while my grandparents were here, he hadn't done it since (I think it was initially an accident). However, last night after dinner Christian was sitting in his high chair and clapped a few times. I cheered him on and he squealed and laughed from his toes to his head, while clapping over and over. It was precious.

Today Christian was in his room, backed up and landed in his book basket. Instead of getting up, he just grabbed a book and read. TOO CUTE. He remained in the basket for a good 20 minutes just reading book after book.

I have to admit, I am really enjoying this part of motherhood. I am getting sleep and my son is a blast.

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