Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween! - Part 2

Our little monkey was a blast on Halloween. He is such a character...after I put his costume on he would go in front of the mirror and dance and laugh at himself.

We went trick or treating to a few houses and then lit our jack-o-lanterns and waited for the door bell to ring...

Danny's family came over and hung out for most of the evening, a few friends from church hung out a bit, and we had a blast. We had enough kids to get rid of the bucket of candy plus 3 extra large bags...we do still have leftover candy though. I gave out boxes of raisins to the adults that came to my door, and wished I had more. I had an 80 year old, no costume, come to the adult come and ask me "don't I get MORE?!", kids specify which candy they do and don't want, some ask for more, and one kid stood at the door and took off his mask, turn around, and say "trick or treat" 3 times before I pushed him away. For the most part though, we had some very cute and very polite was fun.

After the trick or treating was over, Danny, Dee (his twin sister) and her husband watched a couple of scary movies while I chatted with a friend from down the street. I can't stomach scary movies AT ALL.

We had a great Halloween, and hope you did as well!

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