Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lincoln, MT

Approximately a year ago my parents bought a vacation cabin in Lincoln, Montana. They deemed it the "Christmas Cabin" as we generally begin our Christmas preparation the day after Thanksgiving by taking a trip to Lincoln to cut down a Christmas tree.

Reading the paper with 'Tana Nana

'Tana Papa getting firewood to keep us warm
On Friday we drove to Lincoln to stay a night, and cut down a couple of Christmas trees (one for the Christmas Cabin, the other for my parents' home). My dad did a bit of fishing in his pond and caught a couple of trout (tossing them back) before we retired for the evening and decorated the tree.

Cutting down Tree #1

Christmas tree at the Christmas Cabin

Saturday we drove up to a ghost town in Garnet. We got quite a bit of snow while there, and it was fun to see Christian all bundled up and playing in the powder. After having lunch we cut the second tree for the Meyer home before heading back.

Old Miner's Cabin in Garnet

The boys all bundled up

Cutting down Tree #2

We are having a blast. 'Tana Nana and Papa are thoroughly enjoying their grandson, and Danny and I are loving the help in keeping up with the kid!

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