Monday, December 15, 2008

Houseguests, Christmas Parties, Bumps and Bruises..OH MY!

Yes indeed, I've not posted for about a week, not for love lost but for lack of time! Let's talk about the past week...

  • Wednesday we hosted the NCC Staff Party at our house. I cooked a ham dinner for 10 and a few of the guests brought delicious additions for the dinner. Everything turned out nicely.
  • Thursday we had Matt, Jessica and Ethan over for the evening. After dinner we put the boys down and just hung out...such a time was long overdue.
  • Friday night Danny, Christian and I drove over to the Mission Inn to look at the lights (an annual tradition). We had dinner, then coffee and just walked around and enjoyed the lights.
  • When we got home from the Mission Inn my Aunt Jan was waiting (SO SORRY AUNT JAN) for us, as she had driven out from Arizona for a visit. We hung out with her for a bit before bedtime.
  • Saturday morning we hung out with Aunt Jan before she left for Anaheim. I then drove to Murrieta to have Dee cut my hair (LOOONNGG overdue). At 5 Monica and Scott came over to watch Christian and Danny and I left for a drive to Laguna Niguel for my company Christmas party (which was very elegant and nice).
  • Sunday we did the normal "church thing" and then I made soup at home for dinner. We decided to rest a bit on Sunday afternoon and then I wrapped gifts and baked in the evening after Christian went to bed.
  • Today (Monday) instead of commuting into Santa Ana I stayed home, as we had SNOW at 4:30am and I didn't want to drive in it (and the mess of subsequent traffic on the 91).

So now you are good and caught up on what the past week has looked like for us. This of course doesn't include some of the dramas and other craziness that was intertwined within our lives throughout the week.

I did want to share a couple of "ohhh no" moments with you all:

  • Saturday morning my Christian was running around excited that Aunt Jan was visiting. He had momentum going when he tripped and slid head first into our refrigerator. He had a bruise as a result. :-(
  • Saturday evening on our way out of the Christmas party, I was walking down the two front steps in front of the house. My heel caught the cuff of my pants, and I skipped the steps and flew down, landing on one knee. I couldn't stop laughing.
  • Sunday evening Christian was on the couch with me and fell off head first onto the tile floor. left a mark...right next to the day old bruise on his forehead.

We're all caught up now! for another party (progressive dinner) tonight. 'Tis the season!


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