Friday, January 23, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Christian "talks" quite a bit now. He "reads" his books outloud...mumbles while he is working on things in his room, and will have conversations with us over just about anything. A month ago while he was eating his cup of milk fell off his highchair. I told him, "Christian, your milk fell!" to which he responded, leaning forward to look over the front of his highchair, "Shiii" with a giggle. I turned around so as not to encourage the use of that "word" with my laughter, especially since he doesn't know that it sounds an awful lot like a bad word.

Yesterday he got caught in a basket (don't ask). I was working at my desk as he struggled to break free from the confines of the basket. My eyes were as big as golf balls when I heard him repeating in a mumble "shiish, shii, shiish, shii" over and over. YIKES. I said, "you are saying 'sit', right?!" I need to figure out how to encourage him towards a different word, as I don't need him going to church and sharing this with the nursery workers! (I can see it now..."Did you hear what the pastor's son said?!")

(For the record, I actually think he is trying to copy my "sheesh", as I noticed I mumble it from time to time.)

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