Monday, September 7, 2009

One Very Crazy Day

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. Last Thursday I had aches that weren't normal, so after a consult with my private nurse (aka MOM) decided to take off the remainder days of the week from the gym to rest. I've been trying to stay off my feet as much as possible (with a toddler and a house that demands projects from me), as well as stay away from drama as stress. Well...yesterday the drama bug was swarming like a bee on honey.

Saturday night Christian didn't sleep. At all. As a result, momma didn't sleep either (I didn't get up with him, but he was noisy and I was uncomfortable). Sunday morning proved to be challenging to say the least, as we were both tired, and Christian turns all banshee when tired (instead of just 50% banshee).

On my way home from church a guy rolled a stop sign when I was in the middle of the intersection. It scared me, and I made eye contact and I'm sure my face told him I was not amused. Subsequently he tailed me and honked at me. He pulled up next to me close to my street and he and his wife yelled & cussed me out before they pulled into their driveway (around the corner from my house) and the woman got out indicating she wanted to fight me. That is right...a 33 week pregnant woman with her toddler in the backseat wants to fight. I was shaken up...and when I got home called to file a police report.

I filed said police report as we had company from the church over for lunch. I was thankful Christian was his hammy self for our company and stayed occupied while I enjoyed our guests. When the guests left, I had high hopes of a nap while Christian had other plans. No nap for mommy or daddy or Christian...he wasn't having it.

After Christian's bedtime I took time to decorate for Fall (in hopes that the weather takes a hint) and steamed our floors / carpets. At 11pm I was beat and ready for a good rest. A good rest wasn't to be, however. At midnight Christian woke up with a barking cough and was struggling to breathe. After consultation with our private nurse (AKA 'TANA NANA) and each other, Danny and I packed Christian up to visit the ER.

The Croup was Christian's diagnosis, and he had a breathing treatment and steroids before we left the hospital at 4:15am. Danny and I were able to get about 4 hours of sleep in after getting home. We are all awake and so very happy to put yesterday behind us.

In all of this I was so thankful for countless things: extra patience with Christian, a local police department that was kind to me, medical insurance, an ER nurse that knew her stuff and was awesome at what she does, and most of all my husband. I am so thankful that he was with me to help calm me and carry the burdens of the day. God has REALLY blessed me.


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