Friday, December 18, 2009

Ah, Motherhood

The life of a toddler's momma is quite interesting. This past Wednesday, as I sat on the couch nursing my 3 month old, I noticed a disconcerting silence come upon the particular my toddler's bedroom. I promptly yelled "Christian! Come here!" to which he replied "NO!" and flushed the toilet. ::SIGH:: While holding the nursing child I make a mad dash to the bathroom, prepared to see it overflowing. Instead, I saw my toddler, standing in front of it, COVERED in poop. "Momma, poopoo on my legs." is what he told me when I walked in. ::SIGH:: I told him to wait there, as I hunted for the poopy pull-up I'm assuming exists somewhere in the house. I found Christian's pants alone in his bedroom. No diaper. Poop fingerprints on the white table and dresser though. (In fact I found poop fingerprints in various places of the house after all was said and done.) I ended up finding that he had put the pull-up in the diaper genie for me (as was evidenced by poop all over it). How thoughtful. After he showered, I cleaned up and changed my shirt, I once again turned my attention to that precious and perfect 3 month old of mine. As I changed his diaper, he grinned ear to ear, and then promptly peed all over me. ::SIGH::

This morning, as I *attempted* to do a Christmas craft, Christian put his arms around my neck and whispered "I Loooove you mommy". Suddenly, the poop episode became a vague memory.

As I conclude, I must say that life with Christian is interesting for sure. No two days are the same. However, his sweet heart stops mine from beating (in a good way) regularly.

P.S. - As I wrote this post, Louis Armstrong sings "What a Wonderful World" while my toddler lays on the floor having a royal tantrum. :-)


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