Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Over the baking season (aka Thanksgiving thru Christmas), I made 6 batches of fudge. The first two batches were made with a marshmallow creme recipe, the next 3 were old fashioned recipes, and the last was a cheaters recipe using sweetened condensed milk.

I've determined that candy making has a reputation as being difficult because of the old fashioned recipes I used for fudge. Have you ever made old fashioned fudge? It is like a pregnant woman - tempermental and moody. You carefully watch the candy thermometer until just the right time, then remove the fudge, put in butter and vanilla (without stirring), and let it sit, cooling it to the right temperature. You then whip it into submission with great enthusiasm while it hardens before pouring it into a pan. You may need to prepare for this marathon of frenzied stirring by having a carb snack and warming up your muscles (you think I'm kidding...I'm NOT). Finally, if you ignore the suggestion to score the fudge, cutting it will not be pretty.

I was really disheartened to throw away two of the three old fashioned batches of fudge. I was even more disheartened to find that I have so much to learn about candy making. In any case, for the record, the marshmallow creme recipe for fudge was the best tasting (and EXTREMELY easy). Just thought you might want to know. :-)

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