Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Wonderland

One of the views from the "Christmas Cabin" window

We have an annual Thanksgiving tradition in our family that Danny and I started long before the kids came (in fact, this was something I was doing even before I met Danny!). We fly up to Montana to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. The day after Thanksgiving we go cut down a Christmas tree from the forest, and decorate it while baking goodies. This year, however, mom had to work and we had scheduling conflicts, so we went up the week after Thanksgiving.

Baby Jonathan 2 1/2 months old, staying warm and happy

Jonathan didn't want to sleep the night before we left, so I put him to bed finally at 2am to then wake up at 3:30am for our flight. Saying that traveling with kids is a bit more of an undertaking is an UNDERSTATEMENT, but it went well nonetheless. Biggest pet peeve? Security checks.
The boys slept for the most part on both flights up to Montana (layover in Salt Lake), and we arrived at noon in Helena. We were whisked away to my parents' "Christmas Cabin" in Lincoln where we were greeted by -15 degree temperatures. After a rough night with the kids, we cut down and decorated a Christmas tree for the cabin, and then headed to their full-time home. Christian played with the cats, was licked to death by one of the Akitas, and generally had an absolute BLAST playing with Nana. We all got naps in a few times on our trip as well.
Trying to stay warm when the wind was blowing our cold ears
My handsome boys
On Friday night we went to the "Stroll" in downtown Great Falls. We did a little shopping, had coffee and peppermint hot cocoa, and watched a parade before heading back to pack. In true Montana fashion, it snowed at least 6 inches that night, and so we were up at 3:15am to leave for the airport, this time facing white out conditions (scary stuff). God was protecting us the entire way...even when my mom went off the road a bit.
Nana keeping baby Jonathan cozy in her coat
The entire trip (though entirely too short) was filled to overflowing with beautiful memories. These pictures capture a few. What a blessing it all was. My heart is full. :-)

Peek-a-boo, our bubba-boo nice and bundled tight

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