Friday, February 26, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

A few things you should know about Christian before I begin this post:
  • He has had a new hobby that is none too thrilling to us.  He throws everything he can get his hands on.  We now have several toys stuck on our roof.
  • Christian likes to keep his cars and play keys with him EVERYWHERE he goes.  Today he was thrilled to find that he had 4 pockets to stuff them into.
  • He found a dog in his toybox that looks like our friends the Hekman's dog, Cookie.  He and his "Cookie doggie" are now inseperable.
And now, my afternoon...

I have been looking out my living room window at my expired vegetable garden overridden with weeds for a couple of months now.  I have had good intentions to get out there and weed, but even the best of intentions can fail in this house lately.  However, knowing that the rains were coming, and having had a nap (along with the boys...all at the same time...Hallelujah!), I decided to get out and plant some bulbs.

It all started beautifully.  Christian had his pockets filled with his cars, and I gave him his snack to eat on top of his slide.  Jonathan sat in his exersaucer and was entertained.  I got to work speedily, pulling out weeds and prepping the ground.  When Christian saw me in the dirt, he dropped his snack and ran over to "help".  When I pointed out an earthworm (telling him that they are our friends), he said "Hi worm, nice to meet you!"  He then stepped on it.  "Momma, worm is not moving."  Instead of explaining death to him, I told him the worm got hurt and decided to take a nap.  Then he said "I LOOOVE worms.  Hi worm, nice to meet you!  What's up worm?"  I chucked as I made quick work of finishing the weeds.

I planted Gladiola and Dinnerplate Dahlia bulbs, with Christian's help.  As I sprinkled Miracle Grow in the holes, Christian grabbed a granual and put it in his mouth before I could reach him.  ::SIGH:: 

Jonathan starts screaming at this point.  He had a poop explosion.

I had only six more bulbs to get in the ground, and was determined to get it done (choosing to overlook the thousands of weeds and other things that needed attention).  As Jonathan cried, Christian threw his "Cookie doggie" into his basketball hoop.  DONE!  I grabbed Jonathan and ran over the rules of throwing things with Christian.  "NO throwing things over the fence.  NO throwing things into the planter. NO climbing the planter.  NO throwing things onto the roof.  Please, just throw your ball and doggie into the hoop until I get back."  He agreed with a great grin.

Jonathan had to be cleaned up and have his clothes changed, but I was as fast as I could be.  I put him in the swing inside and went out to get Christian.  The doggie was on the roof, and he was chewing on something.  ::SIGH::  "What are you eating Christian?"  As I got down in his face and started pulling things out of his mouth, it sounded like he was eating sand, but I was pulling out clear pieces.  "I am eating airplane, mommy." I know his airplane toy does not have glass on it, nor clear plastic for that matter.  What is this?  I'm wondering.  I cleared out his mouth, grabbed the broom to clean up my dirty mess really fast (Jonathan was screaming) and noticed glass on the ground.  ::SIGH::  Mystery solved.  Christian threw his airplane up on the roof, hitting a light bulb and shattering it in the process.  He then decided to eat the glass that landed on the ground.  GREAT.

After a call to my RN momma, I made Christian chocolate milk and gave him sugar-free pudding to help protect his tummy.  He hadn't eaten enough glass (and it is super duper thin) to be concerned. 

It only takes a split second to have your "W" key from your netbook keypad to be removed and hidden by your toddler.  It only takes a turned back to have a sock thrown onto a hot stove.  It only takes a moment to have your toddler pick up and drop his baby brother.  ::SIGH::  I'm learning to roll with this new reality of mine, being the mom of two boys.  I am LIVING an adventure ride!


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