Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Christian - What a Character

My dear Christian Daniel at 2 1/2...what a character he has become.  I often catch him rolling his eyes with a smile on his face, just to get a laugh.  He loves to run in circles and his running is often accompanied with banshee cries (aka "screams") that could wake the dead.

No, he still isn't potty-trained...I know the signs that it is time and it is still not time yet.  He did give up the pacifier recently - he bit through the only one he liked and to avoid him eating rubber I cut off the tip to "fix" it for him.  He didn't like it and ended up throwing it away on his own.  YIPPEE! 

Christian gave up the high-chair only to start climbing into it on his own after hearing me talk about Jonathan using it.  Now he gets very possessive of the high-chair when Jonathan is eating cereal. 

My darling boy has fluctuated in his feelings for the bath.  Currently he LOVES taking them (I think it has to do with the fact that his fun daddy has been helping with bathtimes more as of late).  The night before last I had the nerve to run into my bathroom quickly and when I came out I found Christian in the tub...like this:

Hm...can you tell me what doesn't belong in this picture?!

Yes, darling banshee boy decided he didn't want to wait for help in taking his sweatshirt off, so he needed to take a bath with it on.  He later said, "Momma, my shirt is WET. Can you take it off?"  Um, yeah, ya think?
I am genuinely LOVING this stage in his development.  Christian is a total sponge and is speaking more and more every day.  He sings, dances, plays make-believe and LOVES food more than the average kid.  (I really mean it...he doesn't eat a great selection of food, but he is a fiend for the stuff he does eat.)  Yes, he still does have melt-downs, and it is always fun when he does so at church in front of an audience.  (I especially enjoy the comments from the peanut gallery when this happens.)

My darling boy is capturing our hearts more and more every day, and we thank God for allowing us to be his parents.


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