Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010

Ok, so I know Easter was an entire week ago.  Hey, a post about the fabulous day that it was is better late than never, right?!

When my boys awoke, I got them dressed right away and had baskets waiting for all three when they came out to the kitchen (I even had one for Danny).  Christian dove right into his...

He was then off and running to take part in his hunt for Easter eggs.  He was so much fun to watch, and he ran everywhere.  Most of our pictures were a blur!

Sidenote: Doesn't he just look like such a little man here?!  

Next came breakfast.  Christian was allowed one egg to open, and he had sugar-free gummy worms.  Jonathan truly enjoyed his oatmeal with prunes.

And what kind of momma would I be if I didn't force my adorable boys into some pictures of their cuteness?!

We had one combined service for church (instead of 3 services) at the property we just purchased.  We met under the hay barns and it was a delight for me to get to see all of our church family in one place.  Christian called it the "Hay Church".  We then headed over to Debbie Walters' house (Jessica Hekman's momma) for our annual Easter dinner.

Jonathan played happily while we ate dinner.

The boys got to hunt Easter eggs while we chased them a bit (apparently a 7.2 earthquake occured while this was going on...we never felt a thing!)...

And they wasted no time eating the candy from the eggs.

(Marlene Hekman {Matt's mom} is on the left, Jessica's mom, Debbie is on the right.)
We laughed, and laughed, and then had a few more chuckles.  I just adore Debbie's laugh.

I love this pic of Jess.  She's always behind the camera, and she is majorly gifted at it.  She beat me on the picture count of the day, she got over 600 shots!

And then we had dessert.  I made carrot cake cupcakes with candied carrot peel (left) and Rose Water cupcakes with rose water glaze and sugared pansies from my garden (right).

I could have written this all sooner, but I thought some stories are best told with pictures.  :-)  What a fabulous and blessed day Easter was.  Christian loved the day so much that he decided that night to be up until 11pm.  

"He is risen!  He is risen indeed!"


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