Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Little Jonathan

9 1/2 months old
I know that in my blog-slacking I have failed miserably to keep you up to date on our little Jonathan's milestones.  Let me introduce you to our little ray of sunshine.

Jonathan is such a happy boy.  He is friendly and smiley with everyone he meets.  These pics show his gummy smile...isn't it just precious?!  Jonathan is quite different from his brother.  When Christian was this age, he was already our little bookworm.  Johnny just eats books (and occasionally tosses them).  Jonathan is a momma's boy, and since he's been mobile will follow me around the kitchen whining for me to pick him up (especially during the 'witching hour').  But look at that could I not want to cuddle him?!

Jonathan is much more of a daredevil as well.  He wants to climb on everything, and has an innate ability to know the items that are off-limits and will make a mad dash to get to them.  He is generally happy, except when he doesn't get what he wants (or when he is having his diaper / clothes changed), which is when he will throw a tantrum like I've never seen, flailing around, kicking, screaming, and doing an alligator roll.  It is really quite amazing when I really think of it.

Johnny is much smaller than Christian was at this age.  Christian was always wearing clothes the next size or two up from his age.  Jonathan is the opposite.  I'm able to get a lot more wear out of clothes with Jonathan (especially with shoes).  Johnny also doesn't have the hair Christian had (remember Christian's mop?!).  He is just more petite, which makes him feel like a baby a little longer.  I'm so blessed.


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