Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Big Boy is 3!

Christian's 3rd birthday (August 23rd) was on a Monday this year.  That ended up being PERFECT for the new plan I'm implementing for celebrating birthdays with my boys.  I want to have a party for one boy each year, and the other boy will get to pick a fun thing to do to celebrate.  As this year will be Jonathan's first birthday, he will get a party.  We decided to do a fun day at the San Diego Zoo with Christian, and since it was on Monday, it fell on Danny's day off.  Bonus!  :-)

Christian woke up to cupcakes, balloons, presents and his birthday banner.  He was beyond thrilled!
Of course, his breakfast consisted of cupcakes.  The sugar lasted ALL day.

We then packed up and headed down to San Diego to the zoo.  First stop at the favorite section...snakes and reptiles.

Christian LOVED the snakes and reptiles...mommy hung out 10 feet away with Jonathan
We did LOTS of walking, snacking and playing.

Christian's absolute FAVORITE part of the day was seeing the "Bird-Eating Spider".  The male is 5", the female between 7-8" across, and they eat BIRDS.  My mom had a laughable experience with one of these creatures in Papua New Guinea when she was little, so I told Christian about it.  He has since retold the story a thousand times.

Our precious boy is 3.  I can't believe it.  He is such a BIG boy.  He knows his ABC's, can count to 20, and is fully potty-trained.  He can dress and undress himself  (we are working on getting him to not be naked so often).  He never ceases to amaze us with the funny things he says and does.  We've started (homeschool) preschool and he is loving it.  I absolutely ADORE my Christian Daniel, and am beyond blessed to be his mommy.

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