Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cooking 101

God created men and women very differently.  Men are fixers: logical and physical.  Women are nurturers; emotional and intuitive.  As women, we have the unique ability to see needs before they are spoken.  As homemakers, these needs more often than not are those of the stomach.

This week at Bloom, we 'got cookin'.  We made a Flores family favorite soup, Creamy Chicken Rosemary Soup (sans the mushrooms and white wine).  We discussed basic glossary terms for cooking, and hit on a few techniques.  I also talked about the importance of a GOOD cookbook.  They are invaluable.  My favorite is a Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedia from 1950. 

A plan is essential when learning to cook.  A stocked pantry helps SO MUCH when making a good plan.  So does meal planning.  Once you are ready to make a meal, read your recipe thoroughly, several times, and KNOW IT.  Then, MISE EN PLACE.  Get everything ready.  Chop, cube, julienne, and get it all ready to go.  The last thing you need is to have garlic and onions burning on the stove while you chop the next ingredients, while missing others.

Cooking is an enjoyable art.  As opposed to baking, cooking is not exact.  You have much more room to make things your own.  There are few things that make my heart smile more than cooking a good meal that satisfies the recipients.   

As our culture despises the natural domesticity of women, it is important to consider that as daughters of The King, we must embrace the beauties that we are.  We must be good stewards over all that He has given us.  We must strive to be our strongest where we are weak, better than what we previously were.  It is our calling, our ministry, and our gift.


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