Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Red Ink by Kathi Macias

 I really enjoy reading, but haven't finished a book in ages.  It isn't that I haven't tried, it is just that I generally read books that are more geared towards reference and less fiction / fun books.  (I need all the help I can get on this parenting stuff.)  That was until my friend and fellow church member, Kathi Macias, handed me her newest book, hot off the press.

Red Ink is a fictional story based on the persecution of Christians in Communist China.  I loved the way Kathi used the common thread of Christian persecution to weave together a couple of very different yet strikingly similar story lines at opposite ends of the world.  

This story was inspired by the story of Li Ying, a young woman imprisoned in China for her faith.  I have to say that as I read this story, I was humbled.  The main character, Zhen-Li, endures more tragedy than should fall upon any human being, simply for her steadfast love of her Savior.  Kathi uses a very fine brush as she paints her descriptive pictures, which I so appreciate.  She took me places I would never otherwise see, and made me hungry to read on.  (In fact, I was pained when I would have to stop reading due to the interruptions of schedule / little ones.)

I found this novel equally easy to read, enjoyable, and thought-provoking.  On a personal note, I was blown away at Kathi's story-telling abilities, and that such a tremendous talent would walk in my midst.  Please help support Kathi's ministry in pen by checking out the video trailer on Kathi's website, and then pick up a copy of Red Ink at Amazon.  :-)

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