Friday, November 12, 2010

First Comes Love...

This week at Bloom, we dove into Adventures in Dating-land.  I shared a few fun stories about my dating days pre-hubby.

A really important thing to consider when talking about dating is this: Who are you?  It is so easy to become a chameleon when your focus is skewed.  Suddenly you care more about conforming to be what you think that hot guy wants instead of remaining true to yourself and treating a date like a job interview.  My challenge was to be the kind of girl that would attract the kind of guy you want.  (Follow that?!)  Know who you are.

The turning point in my dating career was when I decided that I was going to continue to be disappointed until I allowed God to romance me first.  I went on dates with God.  I experienced Oak Glen in Fall, the Mission Inn at Christmas, and Prospect Park in Redlands in Spring (can you say "Orange Blossoms"?).  Think about this: the hottest guy you've ever met can give you a bouquet of the most lovely roses you've ever seen, but GOD grew them for your pleasure.  :-)

I also shared my love story with my hot hubby.  I was praying for him before we met; for his salvation at the time he was becoming a Christian.  I wrote him letters before I met him that I kept sealed until our honeymoon five years after writing them.  We dated, broke up, he wooed me again, and our engagement was a scene from a movie.

True love waits and is worth the wait.  It is worth everything.  Drama comes with disobedience.  BELIEVE ME. 

I loved sharing everything this week with you, and next week will be even more fun.  It will also be the final week of Bloom for this year.

Homework - Don't forget to take those ever-important dates with God.  Make a list of characteristics that you want in a husband (my entire list was made at the age of 15, and was fulfilled and MORE with my hubby).  Talk to your mom (or a mentor) about her love story.


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