Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Candle S.O.S.

No matter how fast a parent is, their toddlers prove to be even faster.  This Christmas, our little Sunshine boy, Jonathan, grabbed one of my handsome hubby's favorite candles and before we could say "WHAA?" the candle became another casualty of our tile floor.
We saved the sad excuse for a candle until after the holidays.  And then I got to work.  First, I melted the wax from an old candle holder...incidentally it was the same brand as the one that broke.

Next, I softened the wax in the broken candle holder *very carefully*.  

 After softening the wax I *carefully* removed the wax with a spoon.  Be mindful of the sharp edges and avoid putting pressure on the glass at all.  After all wax is out, remove the wicks and set aside.  Toss the broken glass pronto.

 I put my candle holder in an inch of just boiling water.  I would not recommend doing this unless you temper the glass first, or are sure it can handle such high heat.  Stand by and watch it, the wax will melt fairly quickly.

Once the wax melts completely, use tongs to put the wicks in.  Let stand to doesn't take too long.

I labeled the candle so that we would remember which one it is.  Candle has been successfully salvaged.  Mission accomplished.


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