Saturday, January 15, 2011

When Life (or a Church Member) Gives You Lemons....

Preserve them.  I can't stomach the thought of 15 or so beautiful little lemons going to waste, but I couldn't use them all.  And so, I began to research what to do with these little darlings.  

While sterilizing my jars, I cut the ends of the lemons, and then vertically sliced them (careful not to go all the way through).

I then packed Kosher salt into each lemon.  *NOTE: if you think you might have any microscopic cuts on your hands, wear gloves.  The combo of lemon juice and salt is killer.*

When assembling, put two tablespoons of Kosher salt in the bottom of a jar, and begin adding the lemons.  Sprinkle salt on each lemon before adding the next.  Press them down before adding the next.  If you have any lemons left over, juice them and put the juice in the jars.  

Let them sit for 5 days, shaking the jar each day.  At the end of the time, if the lemons aren't covered in juice, add more FRESH lemon juice to cover.  They keep up to 12 months in the pantry.

I have plans for these little babies...believe you me!


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