Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Extraordinary in the Ordinary

Extraordinary in the ordinary.

My "To Do" list began at Walmart (don't they all?!).  Frustrated that half of what I need was not there, I had white knuckles as I steered my cart around the Oblivious.  I stood in line listening to a colorful conversation and praying my son fails to repeat the words fluttering in our ears.  Suddenly I look up and see a lovely church member and her son came in.  Though brief, our encounter was warm hot chocolate in a blizzard.

I then headed to my favorite post office on the planet.  As I stood in line, my snotty-nosed boy on one hip and one eye on restless 3 year old asking a thousand questions, I smiled as the woman in front of me paid for her GIANT Valentine's cards.  They had various destinations, but were sure to have equally blessed recipients.  She spoke of the 99 cent store, bargain shopping, making people smile and her finale was a story about going to a drag queen club on her 82nd birthday.  Everyone left in stitches.

As is our tradition, with snotty nosed 16 month old on hip still, we stopped to say the Pledge of Allegiance.  Hand on heart, flag proudly waving, clear blue sky a canopy above, I was filled with pride.  A high five to my 3 year old before we began the trek to the car distracted me from the man with the "Vietnam Veteran" cap, applauding from the shadows.  We met again after kids were buckled and Veteran had mail in hand, and he told me of war stories and bravery.  Of death and liberty.  And once again, I left with a lump in my throat the size of Texas.

Once home the children had their stomachs filled and went to rest for their afternoon nap.  A knock on the door.  Friend from church holding a huge plastic bin of cake decorating supplies from her widowed Mother in law, physically unable to do something she once so loved.  My heart swells with thankfulness.  The card from the sweet widow sets out technicalities (cake decorator language) and then concludes with a "Thank you for taking this stuff, it blesses me tremendously". 

It is a beautiful day in Nuevo.  Sky dusted with high clouds.  Birds singing a Springtime medley, though we sit in the early days of February.  Pastor husband down the street, ministering to the son of a dying man.

Life isn't always beautiful, nor romantic.  Oftentimes it takes dark, cold days to appreciate the vibrant colors of the warm.  Today, I am singing praises of blessings too numerous to count.


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