Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Momma of Boys, Bakes.

I am preparing cakes for a wedding on Saturday.  As I have a total of six cakes to bake, including a sheet cake, I have been baking for two days now, two cakes per day.  Each cake needs ample time and attention.  So do my boys.  

Taking a bake-break to dance with my boy.
The boys have been playing, fighting, and playing outside.  We've had reading hours.  We've also had dance parties to wiggle out the antsies.

Note to self: When doubling a Buttercream recipe in my Kitchenaid mixer...DON'T.

 At the end of each night thus far, my kitchen has looked like it had been in a powdered sugar, butter and flour war. The victor of the war each day seems to be powdered sugar.

And then today, just after putting the last cake of the day in the fridge, I went to bring out popsicles to the boys.  I didn't expect what I found around the corner.  I think my exact response was "Are you kidding me?!"  My face looked a little like Danny's here, except a hand was covering my gaping mouth.

Christian is "shooting" with a pretend gun.  ::SIGH::  His new favorite thing to do.  How do you like that innocent look from Jon? "What, me?!"

 Christian's first response was "I didn't do anything, mom."  Jonathan's first response was to look up with his big brown eyes and smile.  Stinker.

Preparing to put a lump of charcoal into his mouth

And here he sits, blankie at his side, in the midst of two inches of soot.  His snots had soot in them.  As did his hair, and there was soot in his diaper.  Oh, and he was barefoot.  Nice. 

I have one day left to finish baking, and then will take pics of the finished products after being set up at the reception.  Let's just hope I make it.  ;-)

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