Monday, February 21, 2011

My Valentine - 2011

The Valentine I made for my man
This year I was especially excited about Valentine's day.  Perhaps it was because Christian and I started making Valentine's cards in January.  Perhaps it was because Jessica helped me make a special gift for my hubby that I saved to give him on Valentine's day.  Perhaps it was because this was our tenth Valentine's day together (though I didn't realize that until the night of V-day).  Perhaps it was a combination.  All I know is that I could not wait for the day.

Two days before February 14th, Christian and I made sugar cookie dough.  The day before Valentine's day, Christian and I made the cookies.  A few cookies made it to the actual day. 

The morning of February 14th this was the scene that my boys awoke to find.  Jonathan got a little box of alphabet cookies.  Christian got a few candies and a cookie, of course.  But the majority of the goodies were for my man.  After all, he deserves it.

Sugar cookies, Chocolate covered strawberries and devil's food cake balls.

That night we put the kids to bed early.  I put on a nice outfit for him, and we had a very romantic dinner (complete with a dessert of homemade chocolate covered strawberries) at home.  It was perfection.

I do try to celebrate my love year 'round, but have to say that the anticipation made it extra fun.  I am going to start marking days on my calendar to celebrate a special day with hubby every month.  Why not?

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