Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ten Life Lessons from the Kitchen

The kitchen is a mighty inspiring place.

1.   Patience pays off.  Sugar cookies and homemade bread are proof.

2.   Even with the sweetest intentions, life can be messy.  Hence my kitchen disaster when I baked cakes last week.

3.   Messes can make for fun memories.  The first time I baked with Christian.

4.   A dash of a sense of humor goes a long way.  Especially when you accidentally lift the still turning beaters covered in brownie batter and fling batter to the ceiling.

5.   Cutting the fat isn't impossible, but takes a lot of work.  Have you ever washed shortening-covered measuring cups?

6.   Preparation is the key to success.  Mise en place.  Great way to avoid a ruined batch of No-Bake cookies because you didn't have enough sugar.

7.   A smidgen of salt makes the sweet that much sweeter.  Do a taste test with sugar cookies.

8.   Music makes even the menial tasks fun.  Do dishes with dance music on and prove me wrong.

9.   Some things should never be done naked.  Frying anything.  'Nuff said.

10.  Mistakes can be made into masterpieces.  Just look at every cake I've ever made. 


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