Friday, March 18, 2011


(After wrestling and rough-housing with my boys)
Christian: "Mom, you're tore up from the floor up."
(I took a look in a mirror, and heartily agreed.)

(Hubby told us he was leaving for a run.)
Christian: "Dad, that's a good idea, why don't you go get out all of your energy."


Christian: "Mom, you're my favorite buddy.  Yeah, you and dad.  I love both you guys."
(Our little politician.)


At Costco, and older woman slows her car next to me as I load my car. 
Lady:  "Not fair, you have two.  Can I have one?"
Christian: "Mom, what was that lady saying?"
Me: "She wanted me to give you away to her."
Christian: "OH NO!  I don't like that.  That's a bad idea."
Me: "It is?"
Christian: "Yes!  Then I wouldn't have my churro anymore!"


Christian: "Stupid!  Mom, they said STUPID!  Their mommy needs to wash out their mouth with soap!  Did you hear them?  They say said STUPID!"
(His way of using a bad word without getting in trouble.)

Have a happy day!


Christy said...

Oh made me laugh!

Rhonda said...

LOVE Christianisms!!!
Churros are important, you know?

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