Thursday, March 31, 2011

Freeze Time

Lately, I've been having moments of "I wish I could just freeze time."  This is just a short list of these moments.

The bright smile and peek-a-boo game between crib slats in the morning.

The sweet child-smell of their skin.


Tickle monster time.

The way my 18 month old runs, wobbly and smiley.

The cuddle song and whispers "When this song is over, can you snuggle for one more cuddle song?"

Head on shoulder and the way his little 18 month old body relaxes when I sing "You are my Sunshine".

Music playing, spontaneous dance parties.

"Conversations" with my 3 year old.

Listening to my 3 year old and 18 month old have "conversations" with each other.

Those big brown eyes.

My little thumb sucker snuggling into bed.

Mischievous laughter trickling down the hall.

Two hours of intentional bedtime routine.

"I love you dery, dery much, mommy."


Christy said...

I had one of those moments yesterday. Dan and I were out walking the dog in the warm evening air. Holding hands, just chatting, no kids. Ahh...I wanted to freeze that moment.

Rhonda said...

Yes. I want to freeze time all the time - to savor the moments of eucharisteo just a little bit longer.

Crystal said...

I am so with you. These tender moments make we want like 7 kids...Stephen thinks otherwise ;).

'tana nana said...

And those moments continue all throughout life....and when we get to our final days, I pray that the muddled memories of age will simply be playbacks of those lovely precious memories.

What a blessing THAT would be!

Jessica said...

I like tana nana's comment :)

I have moments like that too...
life is precious indeed@

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