Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My 18 Month Old Jonathan

I can hardly believe that my little sunshine boy is a year and a half old.  When Christian was this age, I had a baby in my belly (Jon).

Jonathan is so very happy.  He's a smiley boy, defaulting with a grin or silly giggle before anything else.  He loves to eat, and had a near accident when he climbed onto the front of his high chair and pulled it over (I caught it just before it landed on him).  Now he just grabs his bib to tell me he's ready for grub.

He is independent when he wants to be, and loves to "read" books, just like his brother.  We read "Good Night Moon" every night before bed.  (When I couldn't find the book last night, I was able to recite it from heart for him.)

He loves blocks and building, and sings while he lays in bed in the mornings.  He dances and spins around whenever he hears music.  He babbles a ton, and says "What's that?!" "Hi dada!" "Hi!!!" "Tank you" "Ready, Set, Go!" "Bath" "Up" and a few more words.  After reading about Christian at this age, I realize that they are pretty much the same in development here.

Jon has yet to have his first haircut.  His hair is just finer and has curlies in it, especially when wet.  I think I'll save his first "curl" when the time comes for his cut.

Though dear Jonathan is my sunshine boy, and a momma's boy at that, he sure knows how to pitch a fit.  He goes boneless and does a wicked alligator roll when being held.  He throws himself back, and I have saved him from many a concussion on our tile floors by putting my hand between his head and said floor. Changing his diaper has NEVER been a fun event for either of us.  He just isn't a fan.

He loves to cuddle.  I got my cuddle bug.  Sometimes he holds me hostage with said cuddles, and forget witching hour for cooking.  But when all is said and done, I don't mind one bit.  I just love this little munchkin.

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Jessica said...

He is indeed a sunshine boy... what a cutie that one is :)

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