Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pretty ball of yarn, unraveled, tangled, impossible.  Angry, confused, lonely, lost.  Hurt and hurtful.

Phone call.  Engaged, married in weeks.  Future family member, yet stranger. 18 year old stranger.

Phone call.  Girl entombed in toxic relationship.  Needs relief.  Needs words.  Needs guidance.  18 year old less-stranger.

Details of nuptials vary by day.  Words manipulated.  First conversation with future sister...about wedding dresses.

Details of toxic relationship unfold.  A young girl recognizes her need for health, identity.  Break up ensues.

Husband gives counsel to the male half of both scenarios.  Words prickle.  Twisted, cause crackling.

House clean.  Everything in its place.  Strangers don't see the crackling beneath the surface.  The floor is about to give way.  I immerse in hot water.  Slip my head under water enough to mute the thoughts.  The water scalds, pores open, and I hope the toxins, the heartache slip out.  Skin red.  I hear the crackling of a family.

Toxic relationship ended.  Girl freed.
Toxic relationship begins.  Girl entombed.


Jessica said...

I love you... lots.

Rhonda said...

No fun. Praying!

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