Monday, April 18, 2011

Christianisms Galore


"Holy moly crackamole!"

"Dad, where'd you get that head?"
"My mom and dad."
"No dad, you are wrong.  You got it from GOD."

"Dad, there's a catepillar on your eye, let me get it."
"Wait dad, now there are ants in your eyes and nose, let me get them..."

At Super Target...just walking in the doors of the wonderland...

"Mom, I'll have a latte."

(There's a Starbucks there.)


Anonymous said...

These rock. More please! :)


Elissa Newton said...

So funny! When Lub was about three he asked why his hair was curly. I said he has his Daddy's hair. "Is that why Daddy doesn't have hair anymore. Cause he gave it to me?".
I miss Three.

Rhonda said...

Love these!
Sad - my kids know too much about Starbucks too.

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