Friday, April 22, 2011

What is on Your Nightstand?

What my nightstand says about me: I am seeking answers in politics and sourdough, I like aesthetics and use my alarm clock only to know the times I wake in the middle of the night.

I have a theory.  Your nightstand, and what you keep on it, speaks volumes about who you are and where you are in life.  

Some people have books.  These people generally like to calm their mind before bed by escaping reality for a moment, submerging themselves into an ocean of fantasy / knowledge / fiction / mystery. 

Some people have special little trinkets.  An outsider might think that they are "chachkies" but to the owners, they are sentimental treasures.  These people generally have a sensitivity to the sentimental, and prefer loyalty and truthfulness in everything over the appearance-minded.

Others have the necessities close by.  When I was nursing, necessities consitituted a big cup of water, pacifiers, burp rags and the baby monitor.  For some a necessity might be more like glasses (their "eyes" if you will), or even teeth in a glass.  Perhaps it is a snack (for medical necessity, or pregnancy induced nausea).  I know some people who keep a firearm close by.  Now I get a thrill from that necessity!  What must their lives look like?

An alarm clock is telling of people who are more time oriented than event oriented.  People who have obligations and responsibilities that wait for no one.

A mess on a nightstand might say something about a person's mental state.  Someone who feels chaotic may allow their lives to be reflected that way all the way up to the moment they find sleep.

A journal and a pen or a Bible or a book of philosophy / poetry might tell of someone who may be cerebral and a "thinker", but who ultimately needs to find rest and peace as they end their day.

The nightstand is the final stop in your day.  It is the place where people are most "real" pretensions. 

And so, I ask you....What does your nightstand say about you?


Nikki said...

I still buy books... Normally from Barnes and Noble online since I can get them at least 40% off and free shipping. So I save not only on the book but on gas too. I just put my book in my nightstand drawer so a certain 3 year old doesn't get to them lol

Shannon said...

On my nightstand I have a lamp, clock, and 5 books. I LOVE real books. I'm not into the online book thing. I like actually holding a book and curling up on the couch and getting swept away in fantacy and imagination. I rarely buy a book online. I love spending the time in an actual book store - I always find something else I wasn't looking for and end up loving it!!

Rebecca Lynn said...

First I'll answer your question: My nightstand has my Bible, a novel I've unfortunately been neglecting, a fan, and my journal.

Second, I'll be honest & say, as an owner of a Kindle, I'm stuck in the middle between real books and digital books. While I love to read, I often times can't afford to buy a real book (the Kindle versions are often times cheaper), and don't have enough time (mostly because of school) to finish a borrowed-from-the-library book in a timely enough manner for the library. My Kindle allows me to purchase books at a slightly cheaper price, which is great because I always have it with me so I can read whenever I'm waiting and it's pretty compact to keep in my purse/backpack/bag...

BUT... that wasn't the reason I bought my Kindle at all. I bought it because I was completely SICK of buying paper and ink for my printer to print out reading assignments for school with pages numbering from 4-100 for each assignment with as many as 4 reading assignments a week! Not only was I sick of lugging around all that paper in my backpack, I was sick of waiting around to print it, and it killed my eyes to sit and read them on my computer. And the Kindle was the perfect alternative--I can load PDF files on it, and read it where ever I am (which, I might add, has also kept me on top of my assignments more than I thought it would).

At the same time as LOVING my kindle, I LOVE the feel of a real book in the hand--turning pages on the Kindle just doesn't compare to turning the pages of a good book in my hands. My Kindle has gotten me to read a lot more than I had before simply because of convenience, and I'm honestly hoping that once I graduate in May, I'll be able to afford full-priced books at the bookstore (even if it's the used bookstore), or have enough time to finish a library book before they start to hunt me down demanding the book back that's been collecting dust instead of being read.

I think I'll always be stuck between the two options, but sadly, I think eventually, publishers will choose for us and stick to simply publish exclusively digitally to make more profits.

Stephanie Tehseldar said...

Mine is definitely a mess for final's week! It definitely represents me at the moment!
I love reading your blogs by the way. You're an inspiration! :)

Christy said...
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Christy said...
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