Monday, July 4, 2011

Visiting Montana - Lessons Learned

I recently visited Montana with my boys for 11 days.  My husband stayed home to work.  I learned a lot on my trip, and thought I'd pass along some important lessons to you.  Take note!
  • If flying out of LAX, expect a sig-alert and leave 5-6 hours early.  Otherwise, you might miss your plane with your two little (sleepy) boys and have to wait another 10 hours to get a different flight.

    When flying with little ones, bring lots of snacks.  As long as they are eating, they aren't screaming.

    • Keep an eye on your boys if there are stairs in the house.  The smallest one might fall down them, the older one might throw an elderly person's walker down them (hopefully not attached to an elderly person).

      • When playing outside, wear bug spray.  Itching and scratching randomly makes you look creepy...especially when no one else is doing it.

      • After playing outside, have someone check you for ticks.  Getting a tick is not charming, it's gross.
      •  Fruit loops and popcorn will keep a kid happy for hours.

      Cotton candy and chocolate bars will keep a kid up for hours

      • If your 22 month old can climb out of the pack n' play at any chance he can, you won't get much sleep

          Tired children are grumpier, have more fits and get into more trouble than those who get enough sleep.  The same thing goes for their mommas.

          • It gets light at 5:30am and gets dark at 11pm in Montana in the summer.
            • Bring black out curtains if visiting Montana in the summer.

              The most precious moments happen when you least expect them.

                The sound of moving water never grows old, whether it is a waterfall, creek or river.

                  • Baby animals are the epitome of cuteness.

                  • Spending 30+ hours in a 2 week period getting your kids to sleep is no way to spend a vacation.

                  • Take your significant other when going away.  Otherwise you may wake up homesick every day.

                    In the case your 3 year old might have allergies / asthma, bring benadryl and your medical insurance on a trip.  You never know when he might have a surprise asthma attack and need a breathing the middle of nowhere.

                  • Everyone has a crazy aunt.  Sometimes they are more "crazy" than "eccentric", but both make for a good laugh and good stories, if you have the right perspective.
                  • Summer thunderstorms are the ultimate metaphors.

                  • When traveling with little ones, don't expect to get any reading done.  Just leave that book at home.

                  No matter how crazy life gets, never forget to put your boots up and enjoy the view...even if just for a moment.

                  The beauty of Montana will grab your heart and not let go.  Be prepared.


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