Monday, August 29, 2011

My Little Pumpkin

Once upon a time, three months ago, I had three little pumpkins growing on my vine.  I blissfully chronicled their growth every day.  One day, Christian came into the house while I prepared dinner and excitedly told me that he had picked me a "squash".  It was one of my pumpkins.  My heart sank.  ::SIGH...Frustrated SIGH::  One less potential jack-o-lantern.  Only days later I came out to find that another one of my pumpkin babies had shriveled up and died.  ::SIGH::  I then peeked under the leaves at baby pumpkin number three.  Was it, could it be?  He seemed to be gaining weight!  ::Happy dance::

And THIS is my beautiful little baby.  I call him "Charlie Brown" (as in "It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!")

Charlie peeking out of gigantic leaves, smiling (You can see his smile, can't you?!)

For months now, bugs have been bugging my garden.  Hornworms on my green beans, cauliflower and tomatoes.  Leaf miners and whiteflies on my pumpkins, and thrips on my eggplants.  I grew more and more anxious as I noticed the beautiful and tremendous leaves of my pumpkin vine dying out each day.  When I pruned them a week ago, I noticed that the vine that was sustaining Charlie was on its last leg.  My happy dance came to a sudden halt.  I needed to research more about pumpkins, and fast.

This morning (after consultation of various books and websites) I decided to cut Charlie Brown loose and pull the dead vine.

Christian was thrilled.  I now have to allow Charlie Brown to cure and as long as I store him properly, he will be in our autumn and halloween decor. 

And so, our family now has a new, 17lb addition.  There is one last vine left, and it has put down new roots and carries new promise.  Will Charlie have a brother or sister?  Only time will tell!


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