Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Flores Family Christmas Letter - An Allegory

In the town of Charming, Pastor and Poet lived a charmed life with their two sons: Performer and Sunshine.

Every day Poet would awake, walk out to her garden, and would meet with Inspiration and Provision. Occasionally she would have Provision remain for dinner, and was ever grateful. Inspiration would be her companion throughout the day, often chiming in when Poet watched her boys play, visited with newfound friends and watched a Momma Hummingbird build her nest.

Pastor was a tree to his boys. The boys would both scale their father’s trunk and shimmy out onto his arm-branches. Then, in a way only Pastor could do, he would lift both boys, one on each arm, as high as he could. The laughter that ensued was contagious.

Performer was a seeker of Truth, even though he was only 3. His pursuits gave him new insights, new vocabulary, new perspective. Pastor and Poet became convinced Performer will solve all of the world’s problems one day with the research he has now begun.

Performer’s younger brother, Sunshine, found new feet in the course of the year. Though his steps were uncertain at the birth of the year, by its end he was able to run Wind. Sunshine proved to be more mechanical than his brother; where Performer asked for the answers, Sunshine took things apart to the same end.

Both Performer and Sunshine found joy in Music, and loved Dance. Dance was one of Performer’s dearest friends, and he rarely was seen without Dance if Music was nearby.

Throughout the course of the year, the small family was blessed to visit faraway lands. Pastor and Poet journeyed to Colorado. Poet, Performer and Sunshine traveled to God’s Country (Montana), and the entire family took an opportunity to go to Northern California. Though they always found Joy and Adventure when they traversed the map, the family agreed that Home truly was where they loved to be the most.

Home in the Town of Charming was sweet. Whether it was chickens or goats at the post office, learning to shoot with precision in the hills or obtaining lessons on gardening and raising animals, the little family was indeed honored to be a part of such Rich Community.

Rich Community also helped in the renovation of Charming’s Church. As the heart of the town, the updates made to the Church proved to bring Community together in an even more profound way. The finished product was an ever-lasting Beauty.

In all things, throughout the year Pastor, Poet, Performer and Sunshine were reminded constantly that Thanksgiving is a daily affair. As they bid adieu to 2011, they would like you to know that for you, they are most thankful.

May God bless and keep you in this glorious season, and in the year to come.

With Love and Thankfulness,

Pastor, Poet, Performer and Sunshine

(Dan, Jolene, Christian and Jonathan Flores)


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