Sunday, September 7, 2008

Peanut Butter Boy

Now that Christian is over a year old, he can have a cup of whole milk with a peanut butter bagel. He LOVES peanut butter, and I love that he is excited about food (he goes through food phases). However, the combo of his "cause and effect" practice of throwing food off his high chair, along with peanut butter bagels are a MESSY combo to say the least.

Last Friday after I steamed my kitchen in preparation for my Hekman houseguests, I gave Christian homemade Mac n' Cheese. He wasn't having it and threw it all off the high chair. With limited time to make something else before my lunch break was over, I threw a glob of peanut butter in front of him with banana pieces. OOOOOh brother, how I regretted that one! Let's just say it was the peanut butter equivelant of the omelet explosion in my microwave a couple of months ago. Peanut butter was EVERYWHERE. Ears, nose, eyes, hair, floors, cabinet, wall, high chair and of course face hands and clothes. Fun stuff.

To all you wonderful people who have very clean homes without little ones yet...though things get messy and it is a bit more work cleaning up after my little guy, I've certainly learned how to let go and just enjoy these crazy out of control moments.

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