Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sweet Moments That Don't Require Sugar

This past weekend was filled with sweet moments. After getting through a week of intense dieting and exercise, I celebrated my achievement in many sweet ways (that surprisingly didn't include chocolate!).

Saturday morning Danny went golfing and I juggled the oh-so-fun task of organizing my master bathroom cabinets, and steaming and bleaching the entire bathroom with playing with my always adorable son. It was a great and productive morning (even if the fumes from the bleach nearly made me pass out). At one point I came into Christian's bedroom to find his feet sticking out of his toy box, as he was in a 'predicament'.

After all that productive fun Danny came home and we headed to the L.A. County Fair to meet up with the Hekman's. Going to the Fair is a Flores family tradition...Danny has never missed a year. I love the food, the exhibits (we saw the backyard landscaping and cake decorating / tablescaping ones), the people watching...there is so much I enjoy about the Fair! Ethan and Christian seemed to enjoy it too. Thanks Hekman's for joining us!

When we got home, my brother was at our house to stay the night and hang out. He and I had a bite to eat, and then he proceeded to beat a ton of scores on his first attempt at Wii Fit. BOOGER! We stayed up until 1am talking and catching SNL.

Sunday morning we all went to church and grabbed a bite to eat. Christian no longer cries when his uncle is he is actually very entertained by his Uncle Jake. At one point, Christian was holding his uncle's hand and immediately fell asleep. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras...this was too sweet of a moment to miss!

After getting home Jake and I hung out while the other boys napped. Jake is my younger brother by nearly 8 years. At the risk of sounding too mushy, let me just say that I adore him.

I just found this picture on my phone from a day that Christian and I met Jake in Palm Springs for the day.

Sweet moments are more lasting and precious than any amount of money. Jake, thank you for coming out and giving me such sweet memories (and thanks for killing that spider). My cup runneth over.


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