Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Perfection

After a pretty stressful and 'unfun' week, I was so glad when 5:00pm on Friday came. Even more fabulous was what came next: Danny took Christian and did the grocery shopping for me so that I could have a couple of hours boy-free. I got to workout for an hour and a half and clean part of the house before they got home. Danny rented a movie for us (the first movie we've rented since before Christian was born), and we had an at home date. What a gift.

Saturday morning Danny again watched Christian for me while I cleaned the remainder of the house. I don't know the last time I was able to clean uninterrupted, and if cleaning were fun, that certainly would have fallen in the 'fun' category. The weather outside was perfect...autumn was on the horizon and a hint of a Santa Ana wind tickled us as we went out and got lunch at a mom and pop cafe. My brother came over later in the afternoon and he and Danny got to work back filling the wall. (After Saturday I realized how ambitious it was for me to think I could have done that on my own a month ago.)

I sat behind the wall and held up the weed paper while Jake and Danny shoveled dirt (that, by the way, some local cats had used as kitty litter...yeah...smelled like flowers) on both sides of me. Thinking I was clever, I tied my hair up in a bandanna "I Love Lucy" style, to keep at least one part of me clean. After they were done, I jumped down and a dirt cloud surrounded me in true Linus fashion. Before I could do anything in my spotless house, I had to take a quick shower. Proud of my bandanna, I kept my hair tied up in it while I showered. After stepping out I took the bandanna out and 3 cups of dirt fell out of my hair and made a lovely mud on my body, floor and counter. How could I not laugh while stepping back into the shower?

This is the only pic I have to prove how very dirty that job was! I was already clean, and Jake was showering when I took it.

Sunday after church we (Danny, Christian, Jake and I) headed to the LA County Fair to meet up with Danny's family for the annual Flores Fair trip. We went to the races, ate kabobs, visited the animals, saw the miniature trains and did lots of laughing and hanging out.

We got home close to 11pm Sunday night, and, after collapsing into my bed with pure exhaustion, a grin traveled from deep within my heart and appeared on my lips, as I drifted into dreamland.


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