Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Marriage as God Intended It

I am truly blessed. I come from a long line of successful marriages. My great grandparents were married 71 years before parting only by death. My parents have been married 30 years now, and are still going strong.

There is a lot of talk right now about the sanctity of marriage. I was involved in a rather heated blog debate about Proposition 8 and the matter of homosexual marriage. Without getting into that, I do want to address something in that regard: the Sanctity of marriage.

Marriage is a union ordained and blessed by God Himself. It is not a simple ceremony, it is not fancy rings or a romantic honeymoon. It is leaving and cleaving. It is the biggest commitment you can make to another person. You are partners in all aspects of life...financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It is not to be taken lightly in any regard, and when the going gets tough, commitment and God keep you going.

I've watched my parents argue a time or two. (I'm sure they disagreed more than they let on.) I have seen many different marriages, of all shapes and sizes, through ups downs and in betweens. I've seen what unfaithfulness can do to a person from the inside out. I've seen how deceit and dishonesty can ravage a marriage. I've also seen the other side of things...when the dark clouds have passed and the sun shines brighter and more lovely than ever before.

The grass always seems greener, but all marriages have their issues. Every couple disagrees. Every couple goes through a spell of dislike or even lack of emotional love. It is in those times that the band on your left ring finger reminds you of your commitment. It reminds you that this union is greater than the two parties involved; God is there. God has sanctified your union, and God will heal your "today" and bless your "tomorrow", should you call upon him.

Sorry, but I had to share such thoughts. I've seen so much, experienced so much, and been moved by so many marriages. Married friends, thank you for sharing your ups and downs with me. I've learned so much from you. Single friends, be encouraged: though there are downs, the ups are unlike anything you can imagine. No, they aren't candlelight dinners every night on the beach, they look like the baby finally sleeping and the two of you cuddling together on the couch, but let me assure you such a moment is sweeter than any I can imagine. :-)


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