Thursday, October 2, 2008

Favorite Products

It is official...I'm a grown up. I am going to blog about cleaning products...
My grandmother and grandfather (on my dad's side) are coming out to visit tonight. In preparation, I did a bit of cleaning (after baking a cake for someone special who is having a birthday to come soon). As I cleaned, I found myself simply admiring the amazing products I was using.
Favorite product #1 - Pledge Dust & Allergen

This works on our stainless steel refrigerator, leather, our granite counters and on wood! This the best product I've used on my granite leaves them soft and smooth, like butter. Practically, it is nice to use one product all around the house though.
Favorite Product #2 - Downey Wrinkle Releaser

When I take clothes out of the dryer, I quickly spray them down and hang them up (on my new handy dandy bars in my laundry room). I can't stand ironing, and this truly helps to keep my iron cool. I'll be bringing this handy little product on vacation with that our clothes come out of our luggage looking decent.

Favorite Cleaning Product #3 - The Magic Eraser

I still love my Magic Eraser, and will find a dozen more uses for it in the not-so-distant future. I cut it in smaller pieces to make it last longer, and I erase marks everywhere from the walls, to the ceiling to the baseboards and floor.
Favorite Product #4 - The Shark Steam Cleaner
I would not be able to keep my son if I didn't have this product. He flings all kinds of food all over the place, and it often dries before I can wipe it off the walls / floor / high chair / cupboards, etc. This little baby helps to save me time and frustration.
I am not getting paid by the makers of these products, but they sure do make life easier!


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