Sunday, November 16, 2008

Six Random Things About Me....

Jess tagged me and assumes that people reading my blog would actually want to know six random things about me, so here it goes!

1. I have my own language. When I get hurt, or have a close call on the freeway, I speak loudly in a language even I don't understand. It is gibberish, and better than some words I could use in such circumstances. I'm pretty sure Danny thinks I'm a nut when I burn my hand on the oven and then speak in my language.

2. I am a big kid. I still feel like I'm playing house, though I've been married for nearly 4 years and have had a kid and house for over a year. I LOVE Disneyland for the make-believe aspect. I can skip, and smile and sing all day without people looking at me funny (like they do when I skip and sing in the grocery store). I like to play make-believe and look forward to building forts with Christian and any subsequent siblings of his. I hope to have a daughter I can play dress up with.

3. I am opinionated. When it comes to politics, religion, current events and even interpersonal situations, you give me a call and you can expect that I have my own thoughts to share with you about such situations. Love it or hate it, it is definitely something that defines me.

4. I'm a romantic. This is also synonymous with "dreamer" or "idealist". I see the best in people and situations, and find the beauty within both. I'm the kind of person to find the smallest of things romantic / precious too. It is the thought, intent and heart behind a person that makes the biggest impact on me. In my eyes, you are beautiful to me until you make yourself ugly...and it is very difficult to become ugly to me (-this has nothing to do with outward appearance and everything to do with inward spirit-).

5. I am a mediator. I hate conflict, but am not afraid of it (and I have a difficult time with people who run from conflict or try to ignore it away). I prefer to step into a difficult situation, and mediate to remedy any situation. When someone tells me of interpersonal conflicts, I would prefer to call up all parties, mediate and get it over with rather than watch how everything plays out on their own. Maybe I should be in government.

6. I cry. I have a part within my heart that is locked up, and I don't allow many people to have access to it. When a situation comes about that calls upon that part of my heart, tears will flow. Whenever I share the deepest, most intimate part of me, I can't help but cry, whether it is out of anger, injustice, fear, pain or love. These tears aren't seen by many. (P.S. - Since Christian was born I do cry at seemingly insignificant things too. A wave bye-bye, a smile, a hug, the sound of his feet pitter-pattering down our hall...these have all drawn tears from my eyes. Even commercials and the News have a different effect on me now that I'm a momma. Oy.)

And NOW it is YOUR turn. I tag Kelly, Christy, Crystal and YOU. I love hearing random facts about people, so when I check your blogs, I had better see 6 random things about yourselves...or else! ;-)


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