Sunday, November 23, 2008

**UPDATED** Weekend Fun, Projects, and Everything in Between

Our newest addition to the family room

Let's talk about our weekend...

Friday night we had dinner at the Hekman's lovely home. As always it was a blast, as we walked down memory lane with some of Jess' well-made scrapbooks.

Saturday morning Christian and I went to his Aunt Dee's salon where he got his 2nd haircut ever. He did pretty well, and Dee did a fantastic job. We then drove around, got lost, and decided to just go to the grocery store (instead of a fun trip to Babies R'Us). Following a grocery shopping trip with a hungry/sleepy boy, we headed home.

After Christian went to sleep we had a few contractors arrive to install our new bookshelf in the family room. It looks FABULOUS*. While they installed it, I was busy doing 4 loads of laundry and organizing our bedroom closet*. Danny finished up his sermon and when Christian finally woke up, we were ready for our next adventure of the day: the Trans Siberian Orchestra!

T.S.O. was phenomenal, really. The show was down in San Diego and we went with Danny's older sister, bro-in-law and our nephew. It definitely put us in the holiday spirit. However, we didn't get out of the parking lot (another story altogether) until 11:30pm - I drove to give Danny a chance to catch a Z or 2. We got home close to 1am, and woke at 5:30am.

Danny preached an awesome sermon, had a meeting, and then came home to relax for 30mins. We then headed over to the University of Redlands for a photo shoot (our Christmas gift from the Hekman's...THANKS GUYS!!). When we got home Danny headed back to the church for the evening service, and I took care of Christian (dinner/bedtime). would think that when Danny got home from work tonight he would have been beat....happy to cuddle with his wifey on the couch and veg...NOPE, think again. He walked in the door and brought in the Christmas decor. OY. I did a bit of decorating and then went to fold my 4 loads of laundry, put all clothes away and pack Christian's clothes for our Montana trip on Tuesday. Oh, and I threw together a pumpkin bundt cake for my co-workers tomorrow. It is nearly 11pm, and as I type Danny is on a ladder in the living room.

I am SO GLAD we are going to visit my parents in a couple of days...I need a good babysitter so that I might nap for a few hours in the Meyer's high-tech massage chair! :-)

* Pictures to come...complicated camera / uploading process and my brain in MUSH


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