Sunday, November 23, 2008

Death in Anonymity

This is a far more serious post than you may be used to reading on my blog. I have been inspired by recent events in my own life, as well as news stories that have come across my screen.

Last week I was verbally assaulted by a person on my street. I think he felt ok to use profanity towards me because we were both in our cars, and there is a sort of anonymity in that. Why else would people feel free to throw up in their hands in frustration, flip people off, and even get violent with fellow drivers on California roads? Would you do that if you were walking on the street next to the same person? Most likely the answer you would give is “no”. There is safety in anonymity.

I am a highly opinionated lady, and from time to time post on various blogs on issues relating to those that interest me. The comments that oftentimes are woven into blog posts are absurd, and hurtful. Why? Anonymity. People who have issues with speaking up for themselves normally have no problem voicing their opinion behind a keyboard and computer screen. There is safety in anonymity.

Reading this article on Friday did me in. A 19 year old Florida man used a live Internet feed to commit suicide, and did so at the urging of fellow bloggers. How disgusting is this? Why would anyone encourage such an act? There is safety in anonymity.

The world seems to be growing smaller with the invention of the Internet, and so those obscure few odd people who you might not otherwise interact with suddenly become part of your decision making; part of your life in one way or another. Do you not agree that new rights and privileges usher in new responsibilities?

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