Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good Friends are Hard to Come By

Julia, showing off her funny cute!

Ava...getting very close to walking!

Kelly and Ava (?) cuddling (Kelly - I thought this was Julia, but it looks like do you keep them straight?!)

Today my dear friend Kelly came over to visit with her twin daughters. Christian's morning nap was delayed as I was trying to wash his moo cow, dog dog, sheet, etc. before his nap. He ended up not sleeping long enough, and was a beastie child to Kelly's poor girls. They did so well though, in spite of his pushing, screaming and attitude. After lunch, the kidlets all took naps: Christian in his crib and the girls in a pack n'play in Danny's office. It was fun to hear the girls 'talk' and laugh together, and even more fun when there was silence in the entire house. Kelly and I got to catch up and have good heart-to-heart girl talk, which we agreed we needed to do more of.

Kelly, her husband Roberto, and the girls (Ava and Julia) will be heading to Costa Rica soon to celebrate the girls' first birthday. Keep them all in your prayers as they do the airline travel internationally!


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