Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Winds of Change are a Blowin'

The word "Change" has been a catchphrase for the past year with the presidential elections. Though idealistically change is desired, I don't think people really consider the implications that come with "change". In regards to our national policies, it will mean, for example, different taxation, and a tax policy that very well could seem "unfair" to some. In regards to international conflicts, "change" is subjective based upon one's viewpoint, but oftentimes it is defined by war, death, bloodshed and conflict (both figuratively and literally). In regards to the corporate world, "change" is often a word used simultaneously with "restructure", and causes employers and employees alike discomfort as they are forced into a place they aren't familiar. In the church setting, "change" is synonymous with "growth", and oftentimes causes congregants dissatisfaction in one way or another as they see that which they were accustomed to change.

Let's face it, we are a creature of habit. Nationally we would rather stick with the same tax system rather than reform it, simply because it is difficult to make a change (both mentally and logistically). Internationally, it is easier to fight wars over age old ideology (Israel / Palestine), rather than to step back and logically take into consideration the future of a people. In the corporate sector, it is much easier to allow things to remain the same (if it ain't broke don't fix it), rather than "rock the boat" and cause unrest in the workplace. In the church setting, to some people, the discomfort brought by change may very well cause them to question God's will and God Himself.

I say all this because the winds of change they are a blowin' in my life. In both the corporate sector and the church change is on the horizon, and I am unfortunately experiencing the effects of conflict as result. People can be rather hurtful; some intentionally and some unintentionally, as they fight the tides of change (though idealistically they like it, practically they despise it). I am learning much through all of this, and Danny has been a phenomenal leader as I struggle with elements of "change" myself.

We have yet to see what will come of the "Change" promised. One thing is for certain though: God... Abba, I AM, Alpha and Omega, Provider, Protector, Judge, Lord, Savior... is a God that is steadfast and sure. Safety from the "winds of change" can only be found in the shelter of His wings.


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