Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was one of those days that you just take a deep breath in and try to savor every second.

I was extremely productive between my work and home responsibilities yesterday. That always feels so good. Sometimes I feel guilty, working at home and making Christian stay within certain limits in our house from 8-5. Yesterday however, I just felt incredibly blessed for the opportunity. He played so well by himself (with only a few "toddler moments"), making sure to take plenty of breaks to "read". At lunch we wrestled, kicked the soccer ball, and laughed up a storm. After 5, we went out for a walk in our neighborhood. Christian pointed to the moon and asked "Wassat?" and then smiled when I told him it was the moon. He pointed to houses that had their lights on and would make sure I knew that they had "iites".

As we walked down the hill in our cute little neighborhood, I gazed at the sunset that caressed the horizon, tucking away behind the mountain range that separates us from Orange County. I reflected upon how different our lives have become since our two year anniversary, the last one celebrated in Orange County (and, incidentally, also the day we found out we were expecting).

We arrived home just as Danny pulled into the driveway. I had chili in the crock pot and bread bowls waiting, so we were able to sit and just enjoy dinner with little prep and cleanup to do. Since Christian is going to be away tonight, I decided to skip bath time so we could spend more time together, and so we all played some Wii and giggled.

Some might think a day like that was ordinary. I beg to differ. Not only was it extraordinary, but it was altogether perfect in my book.


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