Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Week in Review

Last Saturday, my parents, brother and I braved the rain and went to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. We were joined by one of my dad's best friends: Chris Grant (who is also a magician - check him out here ). Dinner was phenomenal, and the magic was AMAZING. I still can't figure out how the magicians made things just appear from thin air. It was an amazing night, filled with magic and laughter.

Sometime thereafter, my boys and I headed to 29 Palms to say good-bye to my brother...who is currently serving his first tour of duty in Iraq.

We had quite a bit of rain, and then the frost came in. The local mountains were just GORGEOUS. I wanted to take a "snow-day" so that we could go play in that beauty.

In our country, the Stimulus Bill passed. We received this Newsweek that was somewhat telling. When I pulled this out of the mailbox, I might have said something to the effect of "WE?! I didn't vote for this...speak for yourself." Or something like that.

I have been with the division I am in at work for 5 years now (with the company for a total of 9). As a gift from the company, I received this lovely little camera. The best thing about it is that we've been saving for a new point and shoot because our other one broke about 7 months ago. This camera is perfect for quick pictures, and video clips. (I'm still working on catching Christian's prayer and most commonly used phrase "Ay yay yay").

Christian is getting better with help of his 3 hard core medications. Thank goodness! Danny and I did end up catching his cold, and it isn't a walk in the park. It is stubborn, taking up residence primarily in our sinuses. We're now on the recovery road, and thankful for that. :-)

Valentine's Day deserves its own special post...

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