Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter 2009 (Better late than never!)

Easter morning at NCC

The Flores family

Look at that handsome little boy!

A candid shot of Christian giving me kisses...so precious

Ok, I must apologize for not posting these pics sooner. Our Easter was FABULOUS. Before church, I gave Christian an Easter basket with a book and peeps (he had a peep in his mouth before I turned around!). Then we had an Easter egg hunt on our new patio with little plastic eggs that looked like soccer balls, basket balls, etc. I put raisins in them, and all it took was one egg to open and drop raisins for Christian to get completely sidetracked from the hunt and busy opening the eggs for the treat inside.

We had church in the morning and headed to Highland immediately following the service. We celebrated the day with an amazing meal prepared by Debbie Walters (Jessica's mom), and spent the afternoon resting, playing and just enjoying the Walters' (Debbie and Jerrod) and the Hekman's (Jessica, Matt and Ethan). The boys jumped in the jumper (Debbie is one cool grandma!) with a hundred colored balls in it. They ran around and played together, and then took a 3 hour nap! The grown ups had a blast just relaxing and enjoying the day God created. What a blessed Easter!


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