Saturday, July 4, 2009

Christian's 1st Beach Day

Christian checking out the ocean for the first time...he's keeping daddy close by for good measure

Time out for a pringles break

Walking in daddy's footprints
Last Monday we decided to get out of the house (I'm officially nesting and finding dozens of projects to work on) and the heat, and escape to Huntington beach. This was Christian's first visit, and boy did he LOVE IT!
We had a picnic on the sand, and he and Danny shoveled sand into his bucket on the shore. Christian had giggle fits as the waves lapped the shore and knocked him over from time to time. He definitely wasn't afraid, which was such a blessing!
Our beach day was absolutely PERFECT. We couldn't have asked for anything more, and it is was a sweet memory that will forever remain in my mind. I'm sure we'll be having many more beach days this summer, as my pregnancy progresses and an escape from the heat becomes a necessity!

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