Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Danny!

July 28, 1980 - Daniel Jr. and Deanna were born to their hay-bucking (yes, she was bucking hay VERY pregnant) mother on their father's birthday. And so, we have 29 years of celebrating one very special day all together.

Dan Sr., Dan Jr. and Deanna at Disneyland

After a breakfast at home of Carrot-Cake Cupcakes, Danny, Christian and I headed out to celebrate his special day with the rest of the family.

Disneyland currently has a birthday promotion (birthday boys & girls get in free on their special day), so the entire Flores clan (including the Thornberry's and Trousdale's) were able to spend the day at the Happiest Place on Earth together.

Dee already had an annual pass to Disneyland, so in lieu of a free ticket she got FastPasses for everyone in the group to go on any ride they wanted to go on, at any time they wanted to go. Needless to say, that MADE the day. Everyone got to go on the "E-ticket" rides with virtually no wait (well, everyone except the pint-sized toddler and prego momma).

On Friday I'll be officially at the 7 month / 28 week mark...and entering trimester #3...the end is near! (YIKES)

Taking off on Screamin' at CA Adventure...can you spot the ham in the group?

Christian discovered himself on the video mirror at the House of the Future in Innoventions. Hmm...perhaps he inherited the ham genes...

Christian hammed it up for everyone all day long. He danced, talked and carried on with the encouragement of the family. He enjoyed himself so much that he took only one 15 minute nap and stayed up until 10pm. Yeah, 10pm. OY!

Danny putting the sleeper on a very tired boy...3 hours past his bedtime.

All in all it was one fantastic and memorable day. Now that birthday season is just about over, I have one more to focus on...that of my nearly TWO YEAR OLD BOY! Stay tuned. :-)


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