Saturday, September 19, 2009

Baskets of Blessings

Since I lost my job, finances have been a regular topic and stressor in our household. The lack of finances, however, have also been an opportunity to see God's hand in our lives, and a chance to experience His blessings firsthand.

In the past 4+ months, we've been given baskets of fresh veges from people in our church (we do live in a farming community, after all). We also were given a bunch of outdoor toys for Christian...something we could only dream of having, as we never could have afforded them.

Most recently I have had an anonymous sister in Christ send us gifts...everything from a gift card to JcPenney to movie tickets for Danny and me. She also sent a gift card to Stater Bros...received the day I made Christian's milk from powdered milk in the cupboard b/c we didn't have the money for groceries.

I've had neighbors provide me with new-to-me maternity clothes, along with a gift card to Target and Stater Bros.

My best friend, Jessica, came out this week, after I was on bed rest for a few days, and brought us Starbucks treats and took Maternity photos. Tonight we had an old friend from Village Bible Church in Orange drive all the way out to our house to bring us a homemade meal.

There are more blessings I could share. There have been countless gifts by way of encouraging words, hugs and prayers. It seems that when I get to the end of my rope, we are given another "basket of blessings" to remind us that HE will provide. Why do I ever doubt?

Thank you to each and every one of you who have prayed for us, encouraged us, and given to us. I pray that one day I might be able to return the blessings tenfold. You cannot begin to understand the ministry to our lives that you have been. God bless you all.


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