Monday, December 28, 2009

Multiple Personality Disorder

Well, after our "poopisode" at our dear friend's house, we decided to kick up the intensity of our weekend a few thousand notches. On Saturday night, we had Danny's mom watch Christian and we participated in a youth group event called "Mall Man-hunt". Basically, a group of adults take youth groupers to a local mall (in this case it was Tyler Mall in Riverside), and then the teens have to find the adults and get their signatures. Danny and I got into costume after we dropped of the kids. He was a cholo and I was his "heina". I had a baby bump that made me look 8 months pregnant while I pushed 3 month old Jonathan in his stroller. It was a blast (though we got home rather late).

Sunday morning we woke up a bit late and hit the ground running. After church I took the boys to their Aunt Dee's house to make tamales with the other Flores women. Christian wouldn't nap (of course) and was into EVERYTHING, which made things a bit challenging. After transforming into a tamale making senora, I then headed STRAIGHT to the church for a potluck / living nativity in which Danny was Joseph, I was Mary and Jonathan was baby Jesus. When we got home from that event I bathed everyone, dealt with Christian's 45 minute long meltdown, and got everyone to bed. WHEW!

So, all in all, I was a poop-covered momma, a cholita, a tamale-making senora, the virgin Mary and ended the weekend as a frazzled and fried momma. Methinks I need a psychiatric evaluation!

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